The plastic packaging industry is extremely competitive, with international suppliers competing for market share in core consumer industries. While Portola enjoys significant penetration in its three top categories (milk, juice and beverages), margins were low due to the commodity nature of the products. To meet profitability and growth targets, the company needed to identify new markets and develop innovative products offering higher margins as well as IP protection.

Collaborating with Petrov New Venture Group and other associates with backgrounds from companies such as Clorox, Nestle, Kraft and Procter & Gamble; Tangibility conducted comprehensive market opportunity analyses to identify profitable and growth-oriented new markets. After a rigorous analysis process, two markets were selected for further in-depth analysis and market selection. Based on the team's recommendations, Portola engaged in M&A activities, culminating in the acquisition of Tech Industries - a leader in packaging for the Health and Beauty industry.

For the other identified market, the recommended strategy was to develop proprietary designs for key customers and for the company's catalog of stock closures. Our team led the effort -- including innovation workshops, concept development and testing, product design, and prototyping. We also engaged in business development with key customers, initiating contact in the discovery phase, and collaborating with customers through product design.



Conducted cross-industry market opportunity analyses to identify profitable and growth-oriented industries.

Recommendations led to successful acquisition in one recommended industry, and product development activities in the other.

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