I've worked with a lot of consultants, and you guys are worth every nickel.

Steve Saylor

VP DI/DV Business Unit

Adobe Systems, Inc.

Tangibility combines incisive, creative, and flexible thinking with world-class design sensibilities and great integrity. They have demonstrated a commitment to results and value creation.

Gautam Barua

Principal & Founder

Barua, Blok & Associates

Tangibility has pulled together a talented team of professionals who provide critically fundamental, and yet often overlooked, services in the field of web design and development.

Fay Mark

Director Web Services

VeriSign, Inc.

To say that Christina played a pivotal role in turning my engineering-driven software startup into a product-driven one would be a significant understatement.

Randall Farmer

CTO and Founder

Electric Communities


Unlike management consulting firms that stop with the strategy deck or more tactical firms that lose sight of the overall vision, we work from strategy through market delivery to ensure your new business is on target and isn't "lost in translation."

Strategy Development

We help you create strategies tuned to your customers, competition, and capabilities. We immerse ourselves in your business, asking hard questions about your goals, customers, brand aspirations, partners, internal capabilities, and funding. We then test these assumptions against market, competitive, and technological realities.

Result: A complete and clarifying roadmap for your team.

Market Definition

We "go deep" into available market data and other insights to craft a market model that reflects reality for you, along with a market entry plan to optimize success. We will often field primary research to inform this process, and have extensive experience driving various types of research to get the answers you need to run your business. A favorite technique combines ethnographic study with rapid prototyping to efficiently get to unique insights unavailable through any other method.

Result: A deep understanding of your target customers and markets.

Product and Services Planning

We help you design and develop products and services that “fire on all cylinders.” Working closely with developers and stakeholders, we help stimulate innovative ideas, identify product requirements, evaluate technology options, write detailed specifications, and rapidly create and test prototypes with your customers.

Result: Products and services that delight customers and deliver on your strategic goals.

Lifecycle Management

From product concept through retirement, we help you improve products, support customers, beat the competition, reduce costs, minimize downtime, and increase profits. We can help you respond to customization requests from partners and customers, move quickly into global markets, and manage integration, and outsourcing with minimum pain. When it's time to pull the plug, we can help you do it right.

Result: Continuous success throughout the lifecycle.


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