The HCorp Network is a hospital-based interactive television product delivering patient education, entertainment, and messaging tools to help patients stay in touch with their world outside of the hospital.

Tangibility redefined patient segments and key needs, driving a new product vision with new revenue streams and establishing a phased 12-month services roadmap. Our team managed and launched the first two releases of this roadmap on the existing platform, while conducting research and planning a new broadband media platform with greater flexibility, reduced maintenance, and the ability to be managed from a central location.

We managed an outsourced technical team and designed the new system and user experience, while managing vendor relationships and procurement for the new platform.

The result was a 60% savings over then-current system costs. Tangibility supported a merger with due diligence, saving $500k in upfront payments. Finally, we hired and trained a new Product Management team, and deployed a refined product lifecycle process.

HCorp was acquired by a category leader in 2001.



Redefined patient segments and key needs.

Drove new business model with new revenue streams.

Researched, specified and managed shift to new broadband platform representing 60% savings over existing.

Designed applications and overall user experience.

Supported merger with due diligence, saving $500k in upfront payments.

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