Christina Allen has more than fifteen years of product marketing and innovation experience. She has worked across diverse companies and consulting firms focused on developing world-class consumer products and services.

As principle and founder of Tangibility, Christina guides teams through Tangibility's three phases of product development and marketing: discovery, invention and delivery. Tangibility conducts in-depth market and customer analysis, guides stakeholder insight activities, translates insights into marketing and product strategies, develops concepts though the design phase, and supports technical and marketing teams through launch.

Prior to Tangibility, Christina served as Vice-President of Product Management at, an online communities start-up. She was a founder of E-Lab, a successful Chicago-based company providing cutting-edge consumer research whose clients included Dunkin' Donuts and Thompson Electronics. In 1999, E-Lab was sold to Sapient. Christina has also worked with IDEO, IBM and Xerox PARC, bringing her product innovation experience to bear on the development of innovative new products and services in a broad range of industries.

Christina received her BFA in Industrial Design and her MS in Design and Computing from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Her Ph.D. in Communications and Anthropology was earned at Northwestern University. She is an expert telemark skier and long-distance sailor. She is currently active in the equestrian sport of endurance riding.


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