While apple products remain a favorite for toddlers through pre-teens, there is a precipitous drop in consumption as children reach their high-school years. The APA approached the Tangibility/Petrov New Ventures team to help develop innovative products for adults with the goal of increasing overall consumption of processed apples in the United States, while increasing the profitability of their product lines.

Our aim was to deliver ten innovative and marketable new food product concepts - with equally innovative packaging - to the Association for further development by partner companies. The team conducted competitive and market research - identifying critical trends in the food and packaging industries. A series of innovation workshops were held including consumers in target markets, food innovators, packaging experts, chefs, and company executives. These workshops generated a large number of concepts that were then evaluated against the success criteria established in the first phases of the project, and against Association member capabilities. Finally, selected concepts were developed into complete product and packaging systems and delivered for further development by participating Association companies.



Conducted competitive and market research to identify trends and customer desires.

Conducted innovation workshops with chefs, consumers, food designers and packaging innovators.

Developed 10 key product and packaging systems that met the strategic and user requirements developed in the research phase.

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