Digital Imaging

Tangibility drove Adobe's digital imaging services strategy, ultimately resulting in Adobe's launch of Adobe Photoshop Services with their partner, Ofoto. The Photoshop Services project was driven by Tangibility from concept to market launch, including user experience direction, marketing planning, partner diligence and management, operations planning, and brand management. Today, millions of users of Adobe's award-winning Photoshop family of products can use Photoshop Services seamlessly from within the application, avoiding tedious uploading and the latency of web pages.

Tangibility also worked with Adobe to define the digital imaging strategy for Acrobat, defining a three-year roadmap of features and quickly delivering software to extend Adobe Reader to better support digital imaging workflows for end users.

Paid Support Services

Adobe Systems engaged Tangibility to explore growth opportunities in the technical support area. While Adobe enjoys a large and very loyal constituency of expert users, their existing support services were oriented to the novice user. In addition, the company's support revenues were not meeting expectations.

Tangibility conducted extensive user and market research to identify those services that would be most valuable to customers while meeting the company's growth goals, developed a comprehensive strategy detailing the opportunity for a 100x increase in revenues over three years, and created detailed strategic and operational plans for the suite of proposed services. Adobe launched phase one in January of 2004, resulting in a rapid increase in technical support revenues.  

Drove Adobe's digital imaging services strategy, resulting in an Adobe entry into the business.

Conceived, designed, managed, and launched Photoshop Services with Adobe's partner Ofoto.

Defined the digital imaging strategy with Acrobat, defined a 3-year roadmap, and managed initial deliverables to improve the value of PDF as a container of digital images.

Developed new paid support strategy and services, leading to a rapid increase in technical support revenues.

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